Akov brand(y) story

Akov domaća prirodna rakija - Destilerija Kraljevo Srbija
Zarko Mikic rakija majstor

For we love and dare to share…
For we are not dodgers but our own destiny’s forgers…
For the ties that bind our skill with delicate nature and long lasting tradition are hard to break…
Just like past and future,
Just like intuition and artistry,
Just like three entwining trees coming into a single treetop, Just like we got to this perfection in aroma following our utmost curiosity…that stems from Very bones,
From fruit,
And from cask, surely…
From the region where seven Serbian kings were crowned,
Therefore, sense ages-long commitment in the beauty you have never treated your palate with before,
And feel delicacy in each sip,
Let your blood warm, your heart beat faster, your body in flames,
Let your imagination flip,
Awakening all senses… As you savor our Akov, ‘cause…

That’s the spirit(s)!

Akov domaća prirodna rakija - Destilerija Kraljevo Srbija

As delicate as it can get/imperially delicate

Akov (coming from Hungarian akó) is a 54l glass cask or bucket meant for brandy resting/maturing but also a “vintage” measuring unit pretty much as Quarter cask. Still, Akov is A LOT more – a full, bottled-up measure for all senses, sealed with ages of dedication and perfectionist-like commitment, shrewdly crafted to trigger your emotions in a distinctive way.

Akov domaća prirodna rakija - Destilerija Kraljevo Srbija
Akov domaća prirodna rakija - Destilerija Kraljevo Srbija

We play it by ear, follow our intuition, cherish each drop of Akov. Emanating entire nature in its uniqueness, our brandy instantly clicks with unique people…measure for measure, say. It may be a Quarter, but is surely four quarters in taste, smell, touch, feel.

For those who do not sip but rather gulp it… For those believing coincidence coincides with fate… For each drop of our spirits has nothing to do with chance or incidence, but comes as a fruit of deep understanding of how nature works, of our homeland – forged through numbers of attempts, combinations and, ultimately, scores. To create a distinctive rakija, it takes guts, passion, faith, delicacy… and buckets of confidence!

Nemanja Mikic Akov rakija majstor

Enjoy Akov brandy, Toast to it!